Spanish Locals on a fenceWalk & Talk - An Active Language Holiday in Northern Spain

Chat your way around in Español! From the verdant, picturesque mountains of Spain, enjoy a laid-back, eight-day language learning holiday with hiking, cooking, and sight-seeing as part of the fun mix of activities. A fantastic way for you to increase your confidence outside of the classroom and use Spanish in a real-world setting. With the guidance of a Spanish language teacher you will put your anxieties at ease and learn to use your newly acquired skills in everday settings.


Inma Language School



Inma Calvillo

A native of Valladolid, Spain, Inma earned degrees in Philology, Literary Theory and Compared Literature. She has been teaching languages for more than 12 years and specializes in teaching adults in the corporate world for groups and private individuals. Recently she co-ordinated the language learning program for an on-line university and has been fundamental in creating and administering on-line language courses.

Inma is the founder of The English Courtyard, an organization that designs intensive language immersion courses. She works as a free-lance translator and also collaborates with the Human Resource department of a Spanish firm assisting in the recruitment processes.

Her passion for teaching Spanish and guiding students on their language journey flows from her being and she makes learning fun and creative. Join Inma this May as she shares her favorite treasures of Spain with you; from music, poems, hiking and movies to cooking lessons. Whatever your level, Inma can adapt her teaching methods to help you.

Your Walk and Talk journey with Inma is sure to be a rewarding and beneficial experience. 2014 dates TBA.


Lorraine MillerLorraine Miller

Lorraine Miller has many years and hundreds of miles of experience in Spain. For over twenty years, she has talked, walked, listened and learned about Spain and the Spanish language as a teacher and an experienced pilgrim guide on the fabled Camino De Santiago. As a language university Professor, Lorraine teaches students from all over the world on how to become comfortable and immersed in a new language and culture. Her classes are fun, engaging and perfect for all types of learners; whether your preferred method is by listening, visual or hands-on, Lorraine has a way to reach you. From beginners to advanced experts of any age, students learn in the most enjoyable way possible.

Your Walk and Talk journey with Lorraine will always be fascinating, useful and fun. You'll walk, talk, eat, drink, observe, watch, laugh and sing – in Spanish of course. Lorraine will be teaching the June 14th - 21st, 2014 workshop.

Upcoming Workshops in 2014:
June 28 – July 5
The price, based on double/twin occupancy, is €1200.
All breakfast and dinners included.

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